Homestead Exemption in TexasReal Estate January 14, 2024

Texas Homeowners – Important Information about Texas Homestead Exemption SB 1801



I’ve spent the past week calling Appraisal Districts to verify and with 254 counties it may take a while. Especially since I was on hold with one for 64 minutes 🤯Some do not have answers yet as to how they will handle it. Keep in mind that some appraisal districts may change the way they proceed.


Homeowners may receive instructions from their county tax authority to re-apply for their existing Homestead Exemption.



Lamar, Fannin & Grayson County said they will mostly handle review internally and only ask for a refile when necessary.  What could trigger it? Any changes that may arise such as change in driver’s license, addresses, voter registration, etc. If questioned then the Appraisal District would reach out to request you refile.

Tarrant County is making EVERY homeowner refile every 5 years. They are sending out letters in batches.

Bottom line, if you receive a letter from your appraisal district asking you to refile your homestead exemption, do it so that you do not lose your exemption. This is legitimate and necessary to keep your Homestead Exemption!

REMINDER >> Filing is free and does not cost anything. If you get a letter asking for a fee, then it is a scam. 

Effective Jan. 1, 2024, and applies only to property taxes imposed for a tax year on or after the effective date.

SB 1801 adds subdivision (h-1) to require a chief appraiser to develop a program for the periodic review of residence homestead exemptions to confirm that the recipient continues to qualify for the exemption. The program must require the review of each residence homestead exemption at least once every five tax years, which may be done in phases with a portion of the exemptions reviewed each tax year.

Effective Sept. 1, 2023. A chief appraiser must develop and implement the program by Jan. 1, 2024.




Here is the Bill passed Sept 23 enforced January 24